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a female Christian

Hi, I've just posted a comment on your latest blog - and then saw your name....
I know your writings from somewhere else - but I can't remember where :) (must be those darned female hormones that make us doo-lally :))

Pat Gundry

Hi, Female Christian!

Thanks for the comment. I've written books and articles, and quite a bit online. Go to where you can see my books, and to and where you can read the complete text of two of them. My personal web site has more material, as do my many blogs listed at



Thank you, thank you, thank you!

As a person struggling to come to terms with the many underhanded ways that women are oppressed in our western society, in family law, in careers, at home, in the many methods of abuses, I am always pleased to find a voice now and then who is making an effort to be heard. More women, and men, need to take a keen and kind look at our priorities in our world and take notice where equality and hate still dominate. We need a new action to arise, an equalitism, a new feminism, one that is taken seriously and with pride, one that ignores all the old tactics of bullying long enough to move forward a few steps and to take great care that what we ask for is not also used against us.

Keep up the courageous work.


I have just been linked to your blog here, and you can bet I will be coming back. This is where I will send the men in my life when they tell me that there is no sexism in our society. It's difficult for me to speak of such an important issue and do it justice, but everything I have read here shows that you have the gift of summing up an issue with grace and insight. Thank you, though compiling this issues must not be a happy task it is absolutely necessary.

Pat Gundry

Thank you, Mandy. I appreciate your comments. Yes, it is not always a happy task, but I'm happy to know that it does good and helps us all, women and men, boys and girls, to shine a light in dark places.



Thank you for your site, for spreading the word. It is difficult to be a woman and a woman with an intellect. Men and sometimes other women will dislike you for speaking the truth. You have no choice but to be who you are. And you are not alone.

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