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Kathryn Hogan

I recently came across a terribly misogynistic Yahoo group with this name: Christian antifeminists. It's awful. They're buying the lie that feminists are communists. They even have a post that says the civil rights movement is to blame for men's rights being trampled. It's all about men and how feminists hate men and so forth. Ugly stuff. What's terrible to me is how they say theirs is a Christian point of view. It seems a lot more like a sinful "blame the woman" point of view and taking God's name in vain to give the sin more respectability.


I may be speaking of a blog that you're already aware of but, just in case, I thought I'd mention it here. My friend, Vyckie and her friend Laura came out of the patriocentric/quiverful movement in the not too recent past. They tell their story on the blog, No Longer Quivering They've attracted quite a group of strong, thinking women on the forum Vyckie set up and I'm sure it would be of great interest you many of your readers. Thanks John

Headless Unicorn Guy

I'd like to see the extreme comp/patriarchs (which you write of on this blog) and the extreme femmies (the ones who Limbaugh originally coined the word "Feminazis" to describe) locked in a closet somewhere with each other while all the rest of us just go on with our lives. Let the two funhouse mirrors of each other carry on their precious blood feud to the death without dragging the rest of us into it.

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