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Lori Buckle

This is such a shame. I actually commented on this situation in a sermon I did earlier this year. I was comparing it to the attitude towards women in biblical times. I think it's a disgrace that we're still having to deal with this problem in the 21st century.

Mary, have you been getting my e-mails?

Headless Unicorn Guy

This is what happens when you introduce amnio and easy abortion ("Search-and-Destroy" in 1980s Pro-Lifer terminology) to a traditional society where only males have any value. Pre-birth version of the female infanticide you already find in the culture. Gynocide.

And a generation or two later, you have a society with a surplus of young aggressive males who can't get any. Where the only way to get a female is tribal warfare -- raid the Other, kill the males, and grab (and do) their females. (i.e. the archaic/original meaning of "rape", to carry off.) Just like a chimpanzee troop on a rampage. (That's not racist, it's Primate hindbrain in action, common to ALL humans. In ancient times of low-tech tribal societies, "whites" did exactly the same thing.)


It's not just India (and China) that's practicing overall female infanticide but it's also happening in other societies too, especially in the United States. Most families are male dominated and they prefer to have sons over daughters because they believe sons are more rational and logical and that they're more likely to be safe than daughters. Even in the news there's still more violence against young girls than boys these days for instance, kidnapping, murder, rape, abuse, etc. and they're less likely to survive these violent attacks than boys. (Offenders like these know that boys grow up to be bigger and stronger than girls.)


I lived in India, and there is a huge push to prevent this, when they can. Not only is there a huge advertising push (posters and commercials showing young, handsome, famous, and successful movie stars, cricketeers, etc, asking Where Would You Be if Your Mother Was Never Born?) but signs are posted in the waiting rooms of doctors' offices stating that it is illegal to ask or for doctors to uncover the sex of a baby.They also passed a Women's Law, requiring a minimum quota of women involved in the government. The Indian government, at very least, seems to be trying.

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