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Kathryn Hogan

The Bayly blog is a nasty example of this kind of sinful thinking. The entry there, reported on Tellville, about a husband being the "steward" of his wife's womb is what I am referring to. When, O dear Lord, WHEN will these people submit to God and allow the Spirit to heal them from such supreme egotism?? Soon, I pray. They're turning people away from God and they're proud of the attitude that's the reason for it. God must weep.


I wonder if we have to capacity to surprise God. When I see the beautiful things that humanity can create and do, I hope we do. However, posts like the BaylyBlog cause me to hope that we do not. If God has made us to be in His image, then I can only imagine Him learning instantaneously of this creation only to exclaim "Oh My Self" (because I think God has quite a saucy wit) and laugh sadly because what else can you do? (Of course, He could dole out a well-deserved butt rash or two, if so inclined, but thankfully God is merciful and doesn't listen much to my judgements.)

Headless Unicorn Guy

"Fundamentalist Christian patriarchicalists aren't the only ones who regard women as wombs to be owned by males. Fundamentalist Mormons do too, as do males of certain other religious groups."

Say it. Islam (especially its current crop of extreme versions), reflecting its origin in low-tech Arab tribal society, firewalled to extreme male-supremacy in the "fundamentalist" mania to return it to its (nostalgic-mythical) Original and Pure Form.

Don't get so tunnel-visioned on Christian male-supremacists that you ignore its historic rival and end up opening yourself up to a cutlure of FGM, burqas, and honor killings. (The phrase "Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend" originated among Middle Eastern tribal cultures, and a lot of activists practice it in tunnel-vision about their chosen enemy.)

P.S. I too prefer the term "womb" to "uterus". Sounds less medical/technical, and has secondary inferences of warmth and nurturing.

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