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Thank you for pointing out that sadly hilarious posting. I would never have believed it if I hadn't read it for myself. What makes the hilarity so sad is that THE AUTHOR ACTUALLY SEEMS TO BELIEVE THIS TRIPE! I, too, think that his contempt for statutory laws is chilling and quite revealing. I think that this may well be a pedophile in disguise, or in the making, fantasizing about having a barely-pubescent virgin all to himself. Meanwhile, he grows ever more enraged watching the objects of this deep desire spurn his offers to make them "wives and mommies" (Imagine the nerve!) and turn to healthy, INNOCENT interactions with children their own age. My advice to the world at large is to find out who this creep is and keep him away from your daughters!


I thought it was the girls who were "ruined" by penile insertion. The boys who do the inserting are either disappeared or congratulated. That's the way I've always seen it work. I suppose if an antifeminist has to flip a millennia-old double standard on its head in order to blame girls for something, he's not going to let a little thing like consistency get in his way.

As for this:
he claims that such girls take boyfriends precisely in order to destroy their dreams of being "wives and mommies"

There might be some truth to that in some instances. If virginal marriage is presented as an obligation, as is still often the case (probably for any daughters of the people in this yahoo group for instance), and she doesn't want to get married, it's not unfathomable that she'd see tossing off her virgin status as her only means of escape. Of course, the one to blame for that is not the girl but whoever is reducing her to the trade-in value of her reproductive organs.


flipping-the-tables, tit-for-tat revenge certainly will not work on any hardcore misogynist, but the very idea of demanding virgin husbands and suggesting a meat market of men shows the old system for the ridiculous thing it is, and might get some fence-sitters to actually think

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