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Please note that since this piece was written, the Klouda vs. SWBTS, Paige Patterson case has been dismissed.

Chris Sinclair

The madness must come to an end. Women must be treated as equals and we must accept nothing less. Anything less is a felony...


The more and more women and girls have a good education, earn good grades, enter the workforce, participate in leadership positions, play sports, have more opposite sex partners and friends, etc., which are typical male stuff, the more there's violence against, especially nowadays, because men have always been the dominant sex and they always will. They can't adopt to their changing roles and women's changing roles.


This article, sad to say, is entirely true. Also, I"ve noticed on the RARE occassion where a woman kills or harms a man, the men really get VERY upset about. It's as if they react out of fear. Keep the women in line or else!


the men are certainly reacting out of fear--they are afraid of having to take what they've been dishing out


"We cannot expect abused women to solve the problem any more than we would expect children to solve the problem of child abuse, or pets to solve the problem of animal cruelty."

I'm sorry, did you really just equate women with children and pets? Your own thinking isn't quite there yet regarding the full personhood of women with that statement ending this piece. The reality is that we as women CAN do more about treatment of women than children can about their treatment and pets can regarding animals -- to imply that we can't is to minimize us the same way the abusers would.

A statement implying we have no ability, and no control, is no less than what the abusers try to impress upon their victims -- and I found that statement shocking coming from someone who's supposed to be in support of women and helping us find our strength. Only by convincing someone that they have no strength, no ability, no control can an abuser get someone to put up with them... reinforcing those notions will not help. Helping someone regain their strength, abilities and sense of control over their own lives is what can enable them to get away from an abuser.... not telling them that they're at the same level as children and pets -- which is exactly what their abusers want them to believe.


Kili, you bring up some interesting points. I think you're misunderstanding my thesis. The core of my argument is that we all need to work to change the culture, rather than expecting abuse victims to help themselves and change society for us. I think that rings true whether we are talking about women, children, pets, etc. I'm not a bit apologetic about using those examples, because what I am equating is their status as victims of abuse. You may also object to my use of the word "victim," if you like. I don't find that altering the words changes the reality.

I certainly did not imply that women have no strength, ability, or control. But neither is the abuse all in their head and if they just suddenly pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and got "empowered" they would overcome it. Some are killed when they try. Abuse is perpetuated by abusers, not the abused. It is supported by a culture of violence. Individual women make their stand, fight their personal battles, and more often than not they escape the abuse. I did. But what I observe is that the culture which perpetuates that violence has not changed, and until it does, this epidemic will continue.


After my divorce, my daughter and I were stalked out of the marital home by, I believe, local men and the help of the local cops. We moved. It happened again. It seems to be a really funny game that the cops in Pinellas County, Florida like to play. It's terrifying and the level of their harassment has increased to using digital remote sound to sleep deprive and frighten. I wish we could get the popular media to talk about misogyny in America. So many men happily and eagerly participated in this harassment even though they don't even know me. It's disturbing. I had no idea that there was an general overall hate of women in our country. I thought it was a male by male thing. But, many men are willing to collaborate to harm an single woman through harassment and employment opportunity.


the Republican plan for healthcare was (1) Don't get sick, and (2) If you do get sick, die fast. He was right.) Insurance ciomanpes will still be paid for coverage, but more and more, they will be allowed to keep the pay and cover nothing.No more need to allow illegals in, nor to have cheap labor overseas, with high shipping costs to bring the products here. Just recreate our own cheap, disposable class of citizens with empty dreams. This is what the North was doing with new European immigrants, when the South had slavery, by the way.So, calling it what it is, the anti-abortion, anti-contraception, pro-death penalty lot are not Pro-Life. They are merely Pro-Pregnancy. Women are merely baby factories createed to create the cheap labor that the 1% would make all their undertaxed millions from.One more thing: While Romney claims he wants lower government taxes and he earns over $20,000,000 a year without lifting a finger, the truth is, that money he earns comes from his taxation (yes, without representation) of the poor who actually perform the work to create the products for which Romney and his sort are being paid. Pay back the workers? Even indirectly through universal health care? How about just unemployment for times like these? I think not, say the Romney-ites!

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