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This is a brilliant analysis of how "linguistic manipulation" can creep into our discourse, unawares. Your essay here is a model of clarity.

To be honest, I did not even know who Chris Brown and his father were when I started reading this, but this essay resonates with me because I am in education, and I hear this kind of nonsense from parents on a weekly basis. It seems that many, if not most, parents nowadays regard themselves as the excusers-in-chief for their children, bending over backwards to come up with reasons why we should be lenient and "forgiving". Yes... be forgiving for slip-ups and lapses, but as you rightly point out, "If there is any single axis on which we ought to judge a person, it is how that person treats those who are smaller and weaker."

Exactly. Calculated or uncalculated, the actions of the strong against the weak are always the best indicators of how we should regard their moral "shortcomings".


I love your website! Very honest & totally real.Keep informing the world & we will help you!


Really like the blog, appreciate the share!

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